Moonlight on the Water

Icy Approach
The Horn of Winter, or the Blackmoon?
In the Shadow of the Frostfangs
Saving Coldshade, meeting Victarion and Theon

Veleneth and Saeruil approach the remote hamlet of Coldshade cautiously. They send out the local animals to scout and provide awareness for the party’s travel to the village. The area around the foothills of the mountains is unnaturally cold, and it is starting to snow. The birds find out that a large group of winter wolves are patrolling Coldshade. The apple and cherry orchards are abandoned, however.

The party closes in on the village from all sides, but a mysterious cloaked archer pulls Drust aside. He is an ironborn ranger of House Greyjoy, and he tells Drust that he is tracking Theon Greyjoy, Rock Prince of Great Wyk island. He, like Drust, has been a ward of the elves for almost ten years. The ranger convinces Drust to meet the rest of the group, a total of eight ironborn rangers with horses and a moonsilver plate-clad armored bear knight. The knight introduces himself as Lord Commander Victarion Blackmoon, brother to the Grey King of the Iron Kingdoms, and uncle to Drust.

Victarion has been leading this scouting party to ensure the safety of the prince travelling with the Lord of the Golden Wood. He mentions that all of the ten princes had been watched carefully over the years by the Greyjoy rangers, save Drust Blackmoon. He has armor and weapons from the royal armory for each prince. Victarion also allows Drust to claim a gift that has been trained for him for the last decade, the armored moonbeir. The moonbaer is called Iceberg, and is outfitted in heavy moonsilver plate armor and battleclaw attachments. He is a huge beast, standing much taller than blackbeirs and still taller than a wildbeir. His fur is white and shaggy. The armor he wears is set with gems and is carved with intricate runes that faintly glow white. His helmet, when worn, has three wicked falchion-sized blades of moonsilver pointed outwards.

Drust also receives a massive warhammer called Starfall. It is a solid slab of moonsilver, set with gems and glowing white runes. The hammer is fixed to a handle of white weirwood, with runes of moonsilver running down the shaft. The pommel is set with large black diamond crescent-moon, from the Blackmoon coat of arms. One side of moonsilver hammer is carved in the shape of a shooting star, wreathed in flaming nova. The star itself is a huge shining white jewel, with waves of moonsilver flames flowing into the more blunt side of the hammer.

When Drust dons the armor that was built for him, he notices a change. The armor is essentially an intricately woven and gilded moonsilver chain suit with ribbons of moonsilver plate. When he enters his battlerage, something strange happens. Drust’s eyes glow white, and large plates and spikes of moonsilver grow from his body to socket into his armor. When he rages, his body completes the ancestral armor into heavy moonsilver plate armor. The jewel in Starfall glows as brightly as a torch.

The party gathers before the front gate, and Veleneth and Saeruil storm the village with nearly 100 wolves of the high forests. The winter wolves flee, and the Frost Giant surrenders. The party march to the center of the town, and free Theon Greyjoy and Shrinekeeper Asira. The frost giant mentions that all the other giants save his clan have been destroyed, including his own Jarl. Veleneth cuts out his tongue and sends him back to the other giants.

Theon tells the party that he and the Lord of the Golden Wood were on their way to Coldshade when they were ambushed. He described the attacker as having powers like Veleneth, and being equally fair looking. However, he described the attacker as dark and twisted. The Lord fought back with the power and resurgence of life, and the assailant with death and corruption. Finally, the prince was separated and continued on to Coldshade to find his protector.

Asira says that the Lord of the Golden Wood was seeking a relic that had been found by the village of Coldshade long ago. In a nearby vale, hidden in the misty peaks of the Frostfangs, there is an ancient castle both remote and forgotten. The first shrinekeeper of Coldshade explored Blackmoon Fort and saw a huge ebon moon carved of some hard shiny black material. The shrine in Coldshade was based on the design, and the shrine became dedicated to cycles of weather and the moon and the shadow.

The Lord went as fast as he could to the fortress in the vale.

And then the giants fell upon the hamlet. The snow had become almost a blizzard, and the town fell before a word could be spoken. The giants brought the inhabitants of Coldshade down the road, while the hostages deemed most important were left in the town with the winter wolves.

The party decides to follow the giants to their campsite, and free the townspeople.

Tainted River
Saving Riverstone, meeting Nasu

Veleneth, an ancient fey spirit of the storms, hears the cries of Nasu in her dreams. She knows that something is wrong with the river spirit. It has been much longer than her short term memory since an old god was in this dire of a situation. Cautiously, Veleneth makes her way to the small fishing village of Riverstone.

Saeruil and Prince Drust Blackmoon had just arrived at the village, and are meeting with the elder fisherman and priest, Odun. Saeruil had accompanied Drust through dark depths of the wolfswood for the last ten years. Part spirit himself, Saeruil is an elven male with the lower half of a mighty elk. Drust has been his ward, student and captive since the last ironborn invasion along this peninsula. Drust was born the eldest son of the current High King of the ironborn, Balon Blackmoon, Grey King of the Iron Kingdoms, Prime Rock King and ruler of Pyke Island.

Saeruil and Drust had traveled long into the wilds, and hadn’t seen a human village in many years. They left Tiavel after Saeruil was instructed to investigate the disappearance of the Lord of the Golden Wood, the emissary who ended the war ten years ago. Riverstone was where he was last seen.

The party meets, and finds out from Odun that the river Nasu, the delta on which Riverstone dwells and fishes, has turned venomous. The elven lord from Tiavel had passed through the town to investigate. He had another ironborn prince with him. The party heads up the river, calms and entangles a group of savage wolves, and come upon a dark cave. The source of the river trails into the dark. The party learns that the water is tainted with an undead/vampiric aura. The party routs the contents of the cave, and quickly slaughter a large group of spiders that flee through the front.

The spiders range from black widow-sized to larger than a wolf. They are like things from nightmares or folk tales. Upon investigating the cave, the party finds an empty exoskeleton of a spider so large a person could walk inside. It rests in the small lake at the center. Laying inside is the elven lord’s ornate staff, in the shape of a huge key with a fist-sized piece of amber fixed to the end. It was formed out of living greenwood by the greensingers of elven cities within Tiavel.

Veleneth begins to purify the river by putting the corpse of the spider to rest. The party leaves the cave, and encounters the spirit of Nasu river at the mouth. Nasu thanks Veleneth and the others for purifying her river, and leads them back to the village of Riverstone. Odun and the non-fishing village folk met the party at the center shrine of the town. Odun, the keeper of Nasu’s shrine, thanked the party. Nasu and Odun reclaimed the crystal at the top of the shrine, and presented it to Veleneth in return for restoring the livelihood of the town.

The party finds out from Nasu that the elven lord and the prince he was with headed to the mountain town of Coldshade. The elven lord knew something about the strange spider attack, and sought his answer from the keeper of Coldshade.

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